Are Suzuki Cars Good? (3 Suzuki Cars to Avoid)

Suzuki is a Japanese automotive brand that was initially known for making weaving looms. The brand shifted focus at the start of the 20th century and moved towards automotive production.

Several prototypes were made for a small family car but nothing bore fruit and then the Second World War marred any progress. It wasn’t after the war ended that Suzuki formally began motor vehicle production.

Were those vehicles any good? Let’s find out!

Are Suzuki Cars Good?

To say that Suzuki cars are good would be an understatement.

The Japanese brand makes perhaps some of the most reliable small vehicles than any other brand in the world. Some of their old cars are still on roads today, with their engines purring as if they were new.

Suzuki Alto is one of their successful models, which is still in production today. Not to mention the Suzuki Jimny, which has been around for decades and serves as the brand’s crown jewel in many markets worldwide.

Suzuki is one of the largest automotive sellers in the world, which is a position only reachable if the company made good cars.

In this post, you can see how expensive particular Suzuki parts are.

Why are Suzuki Cars Good?

Suzuki is better known for its two-wheelers but their cars are not short of being brilliant. The Japanese brand learned a lot from their exploits with motorcycles and that helped them make advancements in vehicle production.

Suzuki vehicles are known for reliability. They hardly ever break down and rarely ever require repair work. If you maintain these cars on schedule, you will never face any faults or issues.

That’s an admirable quality in any vehicle but you should expect that since Japanese cars are usually very reliable no matter their manufacturer.

Furthermore, Suzuki cars are cheap to repair. Their parts are easily available and mechanics do not find it hard to work on them. If you like, you can even rile up your DIY spirit and try some repairs yourself. Other than that, these vehicles are sturdy and built to last long. There are not a lot of luxury components in Suzuki cars so you will see a lot of plastic in the interior and the exterior. But all of that makes their vehicles low-maintenance.

Lastly, when it comes to fuel, you can expect plenty of savings, since Suzuki vehicles are generally fuel-efficient. They are built with the day-to-day family commute in mind, so the engines are never inefficient.

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What are the Cons of Suzuki Cars?

Some of their advantages turn out to be their cons. To start, the wide use of plastic can be seen as a con. Most people like a premium feel in their car, and they prefer if they feel the essence of luxury whenever they sit in their vehicle. You won’t feel a lot of that when you step inside a Suzuki vehicle.

Moreover, Suzuki has limited factories around the world. So, if you want one of their vehicles, you might have to wait quite long for the delivery. The experience is unlike the one you would get when buying a Toyota or Ford. Therefore, keep that in mind before finalizing a Suzuki car.

What Breaks Down in Suzuki and How Often?

I’ve mentioned it earlier and I will say again, that Suzuki vehicles hardly ever break down. They are extremely reliable and durable. But having said that, a machine can break any time and a Suzuki car is no different. If you do not take care of it and avoid regular maintenance, your Suzuki vehicle will develop problems and you would have to visit the mechanic for some repairs.

  • Check Engine Light Illuminates

Suzuki vehicles are sensitive to bad fuel quality. If you are not putting in the recommended fuel, your car will show a warning sign. You have to be very careful and pour the right fuel each time.

  • Head Light Bulb Fails

Sometimes, the low-beam headlight bulb fails before its time and you have to get it changed. That is not a big issue and you can get this done in a matter of minutes without spending a lot of money.

These were some of the most common issues in a Suzuki. As you can see, there is nothing major that would require a swift visit to the mechanic.

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Is Suzuki Expensive to Buy and Maintain?

A Suzuki car is neither expensive to buy or maintain. They are affordable and reliable, which makes them the preferred choice for many first-time buyers. However, many second-time car buyers also prefer a Suzuki for its small size and cheap price.

Most Suzuki cars are small and they do not have big engines. So, you won’t have to pay a lot of money in terms of insurance. And since they are reliable, you can buy one for a paltry sum at a dealership nearby. One thing is for certain when you buy a Suzuki, you are making an investment that will give you exponential returns in the future. You will see that both in terms of value and the cost of maintenance.

How Many Miles Can Suzuki Last?

Thanks to their reliable build, Suzuki cars can last for thousands of miles and still not develop any faults. There are many old Suzukis currently on the road that have racked up more than 200,000 miles on the odometer and they still run like new. You can achieve that too, with regular maintenance and by using top-quality fuel every time you go for a refill.

Even if you are lazy with the maintenance your Suzuki will last well above the 100,000 miles mark. If you like to keep one car for a lifetime, then a Suzuki is made for you.

Suzuki cars are very popular in Asia, especially in the Far East. The continent is full of developing countries where the population is on a constant lookout for cheap and durable vehicles. You will find a budding Suzuki presence in countries like India, Pakistan, China, Japan, and Indonesia.

Out in the west, their popularity is not that great. Suzuki doesn’t sell in North America anymore and Europe is not a very big market for their cars either. However, they are still popular across the globe, regardless of the country.

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Do Suzuki Cars Lose Value Quickly?

Suzuki vehicles retain their value even after years of being on the road. A lot of that has to do with their reliability, durability, and practicality.

You can go out to sell one and there will be several buyers ready to buy the car from you. It is thanks to their constant buying and selling market that Suzuki vehicles are very popular and why they do not lose value even after years.

What are the Most Reliable Suzuki Cars?

The entire Suzuki line-up is full of reliable cars but if you want to name them, then the Suzuki Jimny, Suzuki Alto, and the Suzuki Ciaz are the most reliable.

  • Suzuki Alto: Suzuki Alto is an old car that has been in production for decades. It is currently in its eighth generation with the ninth coming any time soon. The Alto has a 1.0 L engine that has been proven to work without issues.
  • Suzuki Jimny: The Suzuki Jimny is one of the brand’s oldest models. It is also one of the most capable in an off-road setting. The Jimny can compete with any large-size SUV thanks to its durable build and powerful engine.
  • Suzuki Ciaz:The Suzuki Ciaz was one of the hottest selling sedans in the Indian automotive market, which is also Suzuki’s largest contributor to worldwide sales. That speaks volumes of the car’s reliability and appeal in the market.

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Which Suzuki Cars Should You Avoid?

The Suzuki X-90 was a road car that could handle an off-road adventure. That sounds like an advantage but many enthusiasts were not impressed by the idea. The X-90 only stayed in the market for 2 years before it was pulled from production.

Moreover, the Suzuki Samurai had an awful reception in the U.S. It was deemed unsafe but a later investigation revealed that the authorities overstated the figures to prove their point. The Samurai wasn’t an unsafe vehicle after all.

Lastly, you should stay away from the older Suzuki Alto models, as it seems that they are made of paper rather than metal. They are not safe and can cause serious injuries to the passengers if they get involved in an accident.

Other than these three cases, there was never a Suzuki vehicle that didn’t prove to be successful.

Is Suzuki Good Compared to Other Similar Car Brands?

Suzuki is not the best car manufacturer in its class, but it has a respectable position, nonetheless. Their vehicles do well in the reliability department but some users have reported that safety is a big concern in a Suzuki. The brand is doing well to satisfy these claims, but it seems the efforts are too slow to be accepted.