Are 2-Door Cars Worth it? All Pros & Cons!

Cars are offered in many styles: saloon type, SUV, hatchback, truck, and others. The world is currently undergoing an SUV boom, with all the automakers launching different crossovers and SUVs, and consumers not getting enough of them. But the world of automobiles started off with the conventional sedan-type cars, which evolved over time and diversified into different types.

2-door cars, otherwise known as coupes, became quite popular in the 50s and the trend never slowed. Most of the automakers launched various 2-door cars that went on to become icons of their time and birthed new genres in 2-door coupe style cars.

Let’s have a look at 2-door cars, their pros & cons, and if they’re worth buying or not.

Are 2-Door Cars Worth it?

2-door cars or coupes are the stylish version of 4-door sedans and sometimes unique models as well. With classic styling, powerful engines, and unique nature, 2-door cars usually stand out from the crowd and are fun to drive. Despite the cool factor, there are some shortcomings as well, but that shouldn’t stop you from owning one if you can afford it.

2-door cars are usually aimed at sports car enthusiasts and offer a unique ownership experience to those who seek. They are unique in their own way, quirky & fun to drive, and offer an adrenaline rush to weekend junkies. Some are derivatives of popular sedans and people love to collect and own these for the value they possess.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to own just one car and have a family, a 2-door car would not be an ideal choice. These are not so spacious, have only 2 seats, hampered cargo space, and ridiculous engine power, which is not ideal for a family or routine usage and it is only suitable for college students or motorsports enthusiasts.

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2-Door Cars: Pros

2-door cars are unique and stylish, fun to drive, and have a special character. They are more compact as compared to 4-door cars and have better powertrains.

These are some of the pros of 2-door cars, that make them so desirable and popular;

  1. Unique and sporty styling, making them stand out from the crowd and highlight their shape. This is what they’re made for, flaunting sporty shapes and stylish curves.
  2. Compact in size, making them easy to maneuver in tight spaces and routine usage in urban areas. It can be a great choice for people who have to travel intercity and have to pierce through thick traffic.
  3. Respectable trunk space in the majority of the 2-door cars, especially the ones with front-mounted engines, for easy storage of the luggage and other items. The Interior also has storage bins that ensure utility & convenience in daily usage.
  4. There’s no shortage of horsepower, and 2-door cars are stuffed with powerful engines. This makes them fun to drive and a suitable partner for weekend track days. Most of the buyers are interested in coupes because of their performance figures, and they do not fail to deliver.
  5. Sporty equipment – including transmission, suspension, and exhaust system. This adds further thrill to the ownership experience, and owners can adjust all these systems as they desire for optimal output.
  6. Freedom of customization – 2-door coupes can be customized and crafted as per the buyer’s taste, including a tuned engine, sporty suspension, interior trims, and special body kits, which are not offered with sedans or mass-produced cars.
  7. 2-door cars have an iconic value as well, and their prices soar over time. For example, you could get the 1970s Mercedes S class for $5,000, but the 50s Mercedes 300SL would cost you around a million dollars.

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2-Door Cars: Cons

Despite the character & style, there are some dark sides to owning a 2-door car as well. Such as prices, maintenance, lack of practicality, and extensive repairs costs in case of damage.

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These are some of the cons of having a 2-door car;

  1. 2-door cars are substantially expensive to purchase, as compared to sedans and normal SUVs. Because of their genre and target market, they cost significantly more than the 4-door cars.
  2. Just like buying, the 2-door cars are expensive to maintain as well. With bigger engines, customized & tuned components (suspension and exhaust), and special care required for maintenance, the servicing is also very expensive. Sometimes their special parts or ECU scanning computers need to be arranged, which can cause delays and price hikes.
  3. 2-door cars lack the practicality of 4-door cars, as they have reduced cabin space, seating for usually 2 only, and reduced trunk space. With all that high buying and maintenance cost, having reduced practicality is a big letdown. Especially if you need to carry luggage and more than 2 passengers.
  4. In case of an accident, the cost of repairs can be sky high due to expensive & rare parts. Mechanics also charge hefty prices for diagnosis and repairs of the 2-door cars.
  5. Insuring a 2-door car can be very expensive, due to high MSRP value and repair costs.
  6. Most of the 2-door cars require premium high RON fuel for ideal performance. The engine causes problems if RON specifications are not met. This can be a problem, both from the running and repairs point of view.
  7. Aftermarket modifications or even factory upgrades that enhance the performance can cause problems with maintenance and safety. For example, forced induction or an under-wiring system can cause excessive wear in the engine or a fire hazard.
  8. 2-door cars only make sense as a secondary or 3rd car, not the primary car or a daily driver, especially if you have a family to take care of as well.


2-door cars have been in the industry for over 5 decades now and have set a mark. Known for sporty styling, powerful engines, sporty character, and curvy shapes, 2-door cars have been the go-to choice for celebrities & sports stars.

These are very fun to drive, smart & compact, and have powerful engines that make a statement on the track days. These cars also swell in value with passing time if the model is rare and has a special addition. Whereas there are some downsides of owning a 2-door car as well. These are expensive to buy, maintain, and get insured, and in case of an accident, can cost a fortune to repair and still not get back to their original condition.

If you’re planning to get a 2-door car, make sure it’s your secondary car unless you’re a college student or can afford a sedan for your family. But no matter what the cons are – if you can afford one, having a 2-door car can be a lifetime experience and totally worth it.