7 Best Fords with a Panoramic Sunroof (+ Photos)

So, you’re looking to buy a Ford with a panoramic sunroof?

Take a look at this list, because it contains all you need!

CarTrim Levels
1. Ford F-150 Lariat, Limited, Platinum, Raptor, XLT
2. Ford ExplorerXLT, Sport, ST, Platinum, Limited, Timberline
3. Ford EdgeTitanium, SEL, Sport, ST, ST-Line.
4. Ford F-250 King Ranch, Lariat, Platinum
5. Ford ExpeditionLimited, Platinum, XLT, King Ranch
6. Ford EscapeSEL, ST, ST-Line, Sport, Titanium
7. Ford F-350Lariat, Platinum

1. Ford F-150

Ford F-150 is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a pickup truck with a big panoramic sunroof. It has six available engines, with a 10-speed automatic. Ford F-150 includes a bench set. It’s not the most eco-friendly pickup truck out there, but it’s a good choice whether your budget is $30 or $75k.

You can spot the panoramic sunroof mostly in Lariat, Limited, Platinum, Raptor, and XLT trim levels.

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2. Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer is a safe SUV packed with many tech features. It has a broad cabin, lots of cargo space, and refines engines. The infotainment system could be more advanced, but it will be enough for most drivers.

For a panoramic sunroof, focus on looking for XLT, Sport, ST, Platinum, Limited, Timberline trims.

3. Ford Edge

Ford Edge is a good-looking SUV with good fuel economy, peppy acceleration, roomy seats, and many interesting standard features. Some users of this car don’t like the steering, that’s why you should do a test drive before you buy this car.

A panoramic sunroof is available the most often in the following trim levels: Titanium, SEL, Sport, ST, ST-Line.

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4. Ford F-250 

Ford F-250 isn’t a perfect pickup truck. It might be ponderous at highway speeds and have cheap cabin pieces, but it has many pros like huge torque and tow ratings, great comfort, and advanced tech inside and out.

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King Ranch, Lariat, and Platinum trim levels feature a huge panoramic sunroof.

5. Ford Expedition

What about Ford Expedition? It beats its competitors when it comes to towing, it has comfortable front seats, quick acceleration, and an entertaining interior. Its size makes it not so smooth to drive, but it’s pretty normal.

The panoramic sunroof in Ford Expedition is available in the trim levels like Limited, Platinum, XLT, but also King Ranch.

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6. Ford Escape

It’s one of the most successful Ford SUVs. It has a user-friendly infotainment system, many safety features, comfortable rides, and high reliability. Escape might not be too impressive inside, but it’s a Ford- not BMW or Mercedes-Benz.

SEL, ST, ST-Line, Sport, Titanium have a panoramic sunroof.

7. Ford F-350

The last one on the list is Ford F-350. If you want a pickup truck with steering ease, diesel fuel economy, and a range of trim levels, then consider this Ford. The manual transmission isn’t offered here, but it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Lariat, Platinum are the trim levels that feature a great panoramic sunroof.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Car with Panoramic Sunroof?


1. It increases your mood. The more sunshine, the better is your mood. With a panoramic sunroof, you will not be so upset when driving to work on Monday morning…

2. Your car looks better. I think cars with a panoramic sunroof look way better. They stand out on the streets and pay attention. Also, when someone is getting into your car, he will appreciate your panoramic sunroof.

3. You can look at the moon and stars. If the night is cold, and you like watching the stars, your car is a great place for you. It’s a cozy and warm place for you when you can sit and watch the night sky.

4. It warms up your car in the winter. When you get into the car with a panoramic sunroof in the winter, and the sun is shining, it can pleasantly warm up your interior, so your travel will be better, and you won’t even have to use air conditioning.


1. Your car is more expensive. It’s obvious. Cars with a panoramic sunroof are 3-10% more expensive. That’s because glass is more expensive than metal. Also, panoramic sunroof demands mounting, sealing, and labor which makes panoramic sunroof costs more.

2. It requires more care. Glass doesn’t mess more than metal, but the mess is more visible on the glass. Because of that, you need to clean your panoramic sunroof with a window cleaner at least once a month, so it looks better and lets in more sunshine.

3. It can increase the temperature. I think it’s the biggest disadvantage of having a panoramic sunroof. When it’s hot, it increases the temperature more than a conventional roof. It’s because glass preheats faster than metal, and in addition, you let the sunshine in. Cars with a panoramic sunroof are equipped with a sunroof cover, but it helps only partially.

4. Less headroom. If you’re buying a car with a panoramic sunroof, you can’t be too high. You should be a maximum of 6.23 ft (190cm) if you want to drive comfortably. A panoramic sunroof takes about 1-1.5 inches. In SUVs or crossovers, it’s not a big deal, but in sedans, it might be some problem.

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