Mini Clubman: 12 Size & Dimension Questions

Mini Clubman is a subcompact hatchback car and it was first introduced in 2007. Mini was sold under the marque of Mini but actually, it is owned and manufactured by German conglomerate BMW. The current and second-generation model is in production since 2015 with a model code of F54.

It is a decent family-sized car. Its potential buyers always want the answers to Mini Clubman size and dimension questions.

In this article, I am going to answer the 12 most frequently asked questions about the size & dimension of Mini Clubman. I will also compare it with similar cars and discuss its seating capacity, cargo volume, and dimensions in detail.

How Many Seats Does Mini Clubman Have?

Mini Clubman has a seating capacity of 5 people. All seats are made of leather upholstery and there is plenty of space available for adults to sit in the front and rear row.

To install child safety seats, two complete sets of latch connectors are available in the rear outboard seats. There is also a tether anchor for the rear middle seat. The front legroom for Mini Clubman is 41 inches and the rear legroom is 34 inches.

Mini Clubman also comes with a standard Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control System. The system allows the driver and front-seat passenger to independently select their own temperature settings. The car is also equipped with a front seat memory function that remembers your preferred seating position.

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Which is Bigger- Mini Clubman or Countryman?

Mini Countryman is bigger than Mini Clubman. It has greater length, width, and height despite having a similar wheelbase. The cargo capacity of Countryman is also greater than Clubman.

Countryman has a cargo volume of 450 liters (15.89 cubic feet) and it extends to 1390 liters (49 cubic feet) with rear seats folded down.

While in terms of features, both cars are almost the same. Talking about the interior, Countryman has more legroom in the back row but in the front row legroom, Clubman is the winner.

They both have the brand’s iconic circular infotainment system. Both cars have a seating capacity of five people. Another key difference is the availability of a plug-in hybrid version in the Mini Countryman.

How Many Doors Does Mini Clubman Have?

Mini Clubman has 6 doors in total. It has four standard doors to access the front and rear rows. For easy loading and unloading of cargo, it has 2 rear split doors. They are also known as barn doors.

Mini Clubman has a power tailgate system that allows users to open the cargo area without using their hands. Swipe your foot under the rear bumper and the system will automatically open the rear barn doors.

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The latest model also features a keyless entry and you can open the door while keeping the keys inside your pocket. First-generation models of Mini Clubman had five doors. It was the first Mini car to feature suicide doors.

To access the rear row, these models had two doors on the right side and there was only one door on the left side of the car. The rear split doors were also present in these models.

How Much Does Mini Clubman Weigh?

Without any passengers and additional items, the Mini Clubman weighs 1,375 Kg or 3,031 pounds.

The Clubman all-wheel-drive version is heavier and weighs around 1,500 Kg. Mini Clubman has a maximum towing capacity of 1300 Kg for a braked trailer and 700 Kg for an un-braked trailer. It has a fuel tank capacity of 48 liters for both petrol and diesel versions. It is less maneuverable than an average car and has a minimum turning circle of 11.3 meters.

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What are Mini Clubman Dimensions?

Mini Clubman has a total length of 168.3 inches (4275 mm), the width is 70.9 inches (1801 mm), and its height is 56.7 inches (1440 mm). While the wheelbase, which is the distance between the center of the front and rear wheels is 105.1 inches (2670 mm).

All these dimensions are greater than the previous first-generation models of Mini Clubman. It has a ground clearance of 5.6 inches (142 mm). The ground clearance of Clubman is a little less than the average ground clearance of hatchback cars. The front headroom dimension is 40.19 inches and the rear headroom dimension is 38 inches.

Below is the table that summarizes the important dimensions of Mini Clubman.

Item DescriptionDimension
Length168.5 in.
Width70.9 in.
Height56.7 in.
Wheelbase105.1 in.
Legroom Front41.4 in.
Legroom Second Row34.3 in.
Shoulder Front54.7 in.
Shoulder Rear52.8 in.
Headroom Front40.2 in.
Headroom Second Row38  in.
Cargo Volume360 liters

What is Mini Clubman Cargo Volume?

Mini Clubman has a cargo volume of 360 liters or 12.7 cubic feet. With all rear seats down this volume increases to 1250 liters or 44.1 cubic feet.

Due to its rear split door design, Mini Clubman can easily handle large and bulky cargo items. Clubman cars produced before 2015 had a cargo volume of 340 liters. This new 360 liters of cargo volume is considered pretty average in these types of cars so there is nothing radical about it.

Is Mini Clubman a Good Family Car?

Yes, Mini Clubman is a great car for a small or young family unless the family has more than 5 members.

The interior is spacious and delightful. It has good power and drives even better. It can also carry large luggage items, therefore Mini Clubman can genuinely be used as a family car.

Mini Clubman vs BMW 1 Series vs. VW Golf – Which is Bigger?

In terms of boot space or cargo volume, VW Golf is bigger than Mini Clubman and BMW Series 1. It has a boot space of 380 liters (13.4 cubic feet). The other two cars have a similar boot space of 360 liters (12.7 cubic feet).

Lengthwise BMW Series 1 is slighter bigger but the width and width of all these cars are almost similar. With rear seats down Mini Clubman has the biggest boot space (1250 liters). The boot space of BMW Series 1 and VW Golf with rear seats down is 1200 liters and 1237 liters respectively.

BMW Series 1 has a ground clearance of 6.18 inches (157 mm) which is slightly more than Mini Clubman and VW Golf. All these cars have a seating capacity of five people.

The front legroom dimension of all these vehicles is around 41 inches, but VW Golf has a slighter bigger rear legroom dimension than Mini Clubman and BMW Series 1.

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Can You Sleep in the Back of a Mini Clubman?

After folding all the rear seats down, hinging forward the front seat, and folding it down you can sleep in the back of a Mini Clubman. But it won’t be a comfortable experience because of the tight space and uneven floor area.

If you are someone with less than average height then this might be a good option otherwise you would have to sleep in a diagonal position. You will also need a pillow and a blanket or maybe a thin mattress and still, you may wake up with a bad back.

Therefore, it would be better to use a tent or rent a hotel for a comfortable sleep. But you can always bend your front seat backward for a quick nap.

Do the Seats Fold Flat in a Mini Clubman?

Yes, the seats can be folded flat in a Mini Clubman. After folding the seats flat, you can have four, three, or two-seat configurations in a Mini Clubman.

To fold down the seats open the tailgate of your Mini Clubman. Remove the bay cover from the rear trunk area. Then to disengage the lock, pull the lever situated on the back of one of the seats. Then finally fold the seat forward. Repeat the procedure again in order to fold the other remaining seat.

Can You Fit a Bike in a Mini Clubman?

Yes, you can fit a bike in a Mini Clubman. But first, you will have to fold down the rear seats and remove the front wheel of your bike. Only then you can place it in the cargo area. In the case of a larger bike, you may have to fold down the front passenger seat in order to fit in the bike.

Also, you will have to be very careful while placing your bike inside the car as it can damage the interior. For transporting a bike on your Mini Clubman, installing a roof rail would be a more practical option.