12 Best Ways to Get Interested in Cars (Effortlessly)

Getting interested in something must come naturally. But if you realize the importance of a certain field then you can follow a systematic approach to boost your interest in it.

Becoming car-crazy is one such line as the benefits of having car knowledge are endless.

In this article, we’ll lay out the ways of how to get interested in cars and in what ways this interest can benefit you.

Why Getting Interested in Cars is Important?

In this age of science and technology, it can never hurt to get interested in any evolving field. Cars and automobiles are one such area that is making huge progress.

Getting interested in cars isn’t without benefits. Your car knowledge can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in mechanic services. In addition, it can open you to a whole new world of career opportunities. So, it is important to get interested in cars today.

1. Save Money By Being Your Own Mechanic

Getting interested in cars isn’t the same as getting interested in astronomy. The stars and galaxies are cool stuff but let’s admit that their knowledge isn’t going to save you a dime. On the other hand, your interest in cars can benefit you in real money. There are a lot of small repairs and replacements you can perform if you have little knowledge about cars. Your interest in automobiles can give you that little required knowledge. By utilizing it you can avoid visits to car care centers, where you get charged by the hour for minor maintenance.

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2. Because It’s Trendy

Cars were always trending but now with the release of electric vehicles, hybrid tech, and supercars, the car craze is at an all-time high. So, this is the best time to be interested in cars and to be following the fashion.

3. Broaden Your Career Choices

Learning about cars isn’t a time pass hobby. It is a serious affair and there is a long list of respectable professions you can excel at, only if you have a slight interest in cars. Following is the list of those professions:

  1. Auto Body Technician
  2. Car Blog Writer
  3. Automotive Engineer
  4. Car Broker
  5. Auto Sales Manager
  6. Automotive Instructor
  7. Car Detailer
  8. Car Rental Agent
  9. Tire Technician
  10. Vehicle Inspector

Is it Possible to Get Interested in Cars Even Though You Weren’t into Cars Before?

It is conveniently possible for you to get into cars even though you weren’t into cars before. Newbies can excel even more than veteran car geeks. Already car geeks have hit a glass ceiling and their progress stops at some point. But a new entrant in the curiosity of how to get interested in cars often lands in unexplored territory.

So, you should not worry if you weren’t interested in cars before. Don’t let this fact hold you back and start learning about cars immediately.

How to Get Interested in Cars?

Once you have realized the importance of getting interested in cars then you can follow numerous paths to boost your curiosity. Following are 12 ways of how to get interested in cars effortlessly and for digging deep into automobiles.

1. Follow Automotive YouTube Channels

YouTube channels have become a commendable source of information in recent times. The visual medium of learning enables us to gain knowledge from the first-hand experience of other people. There are certain channels on YouTube related to cars and automobiles. These channels cover everything that is remotely connected to vehicles. By watching their videos you can boost your interest in cars without even knowing it.

2. Start by Learning a Unique Fact Every Day

This is a great way of learning and enhancing your interest in anything. You learn one interesting fact about the relevant field each day. This way you would be able to learn stuff very quickly. Not only that but your interest will also skyrocket. You don’t have to find these fun facts, rather you can follow the right pages on social media that share such things with you every day.

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3. Read Car Blogs

Reading about stuff always creates hype about it. If you are convinced that learning about cars is cool and beneficial then it is high time to follow and read car blogs. Try reading one car blog every day. This will keep your knowledge of cars up to date. Once you have the necessary knowledge, you can even consider starting your own blog.

4. Keep Car Maintenance Journal

Keeping a car maintenance journal will go a long way in increasing your interest in cars. You don’t need a fancy journal for this purpose. You may start with the basics and begin noting the dates for each fluid replacement. Keep track if a part gets replaced and measure its lifespan upon failure. Whenever you replace a spare part ask for the defective one. Make a list of visible features that may be the symptoms of failure for that specific part.

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5. Follow Exotic Car News

Regular players get drafted in sports leagues all over the world, there is nothing special about it. What’s special is Lionel Messi’s $674 million contract with Barcelona, that’s newsworthy. Similar is the case with cars, no one wants to hear news about a Toyota Yaris getting sold for $20,000. But people would love to hear about Ferrari GTO 250 getting auctioned at $40 million.

6. Start Watching Car Sports

If you’re into cricket then you must watch it on TV with your friends. Similarly, if you want to get into cars you should begin watching car sports. Car sports are thrilling, exciting, and relatable. You imagine yourself in a race every time while driving a car. Though it isn’t safe and recommended at all since race drivers are veterans with loads of experience. But you can surely feel the same vibe.

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7. Discuss Cars with Your Friends

Grow your friend’s circle into people who like cars. You can get access to a lot of first-hand experience in this way. Have chats with your friends about the next car you think is going to blow the market. Or which cars you should avoid buying.

8. Implement Car Care Tips

Whatever tips and tricks you learn about car maintenance, it is important to implement those. Once you start seeing those tips paying off, it will automatically increase your interest. For example, a friend once told me that my car was consuming more fuel than it should that’s maybe because I have a heavy foot while driving. I immediately changed my driving pattern and started keeping a lighter foot on the gas pedal. Soon after that, I noticed that the mileage of my car increased. Then I set out to find more tips that would save me fuel. That was a big interest booster for me.

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9. Try to Become Your Own Mechanic

Car repair and maintenance can cost you a fortune. Especially if you’re into high-performing cars. Their maintenance costs are even higher. You can encourage yourself to take care of small repairs. This way you would not only save money but also enhance your interest in cars. We are not recommending you to change your transmission yourself, but you can at least start off by changing engine oil and filters.

10. Drive Your Friends Car

We all have that friend or buddy around the block who owns fancy cars. You can ask your friend for a ride. When you are able to witness what a good car can make you feel, then your interest is bound to amplify. If you don’t have such a friend then it is high time to expand your circle.

11. Play Car Games

Popular sports like football and cricket have introduced fantasy leagues and interactive games to uplift the interest of their viewers. You can do so with cars as well. Start playing popular car games, the races, the upgradation, and real-life missions can really help with your interest. The most famous car games include Forza Horizon, Need For Speed, Asphalt, and CSR. You should try your hand at one of these games.

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12. Go to Car Shows

Car shows are a great source of joy and learning for geeks. And if you have a car collection of your own, then it is icing on the cake. You may join these auto shows with full zeal. Many car lovers attribute their keen interest in the field to these shows. Car shows act as a great motivator to get you learning about cars.

How Long a Day Should You Learn about Cars?

Learning about cars isn’t the same as learning mathematics or physics. It is more sort of a hobby. Depending upon your schedule you should give it enough time as it is suitable for a hobby.

Ideally speaking that if you spend an hour a day learning about cars, your knowledge of cars will improve considerably. But don’t limit your learning experience to one dimension only. Keep getting knowledge from diverse sources.

Rather than the allocation of a specific time, it is more important to be consistent with your learning. Automotive and cars are an expanding universe. The horizon widens every day with the release of a new model or new engine. So, even the car geeks of the top tier have to stay on their feet with learning to maintain relevance.

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After How Long Will You Know about Cars More than 99% of the People?

If we base our assumption upon the fact that 99% of the people cannot tune the engine of their car then it will take you at least 4-5 years to get there. Every interest and passions demands time. If you want to be the very best in any field then you should take that seriously. It is never about the amount of time spent, it is about the amount of time spent while taking the correct action.

Ancient Chinese wisdom pointed that if you want to master an art then spend 10,000 hours of your time on it. Then no one will be able to catch you there. If we apply this to obtaining car knowledge, then again it is consistent with our theory of 4-5 years. But to reach the 10,000 hours mark in 5 years, you must allocate 4-5 hours daily to car learning.


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