Does Car Battery Brand Matter? Which One is the Best?

Have you ever got yourself confused while buying a new car battery? Does car battery brand matter? If it matters, which one should you get?

Well, I’ll tell you everything, and all your confusion will come to an end, believe me.

I’ll also tell you what you should consider before buying one and how to buy a reliable one for your dream car.

Does Car Battery Brand Matter?

The brand of your car battery doesn’t matter that much as long as you can manage yourself to buy one with proper specifications and a decent warranty period.

It’s possible to find car batteries of different brands with the same specifications. Having the same specifications, they don’t need to be 100 percent similar. 

The main things that make the difference are materials quality, the process of manufacturing, and warranty length.

Warranty periods given by manufacturers can give an idea about the quality of a car battery. More warranty length means it’s expected to work properly in the long run.

Regular batteries by different brands work on the same principle but there are differences when the question of the manufacturing process comes.

Premium batteries have other stories. The brands producing them use their best possible technology to ensure premium quality, lifespan, and other crucial things related to a car battery.

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What Really Matters When Buying a Car Battery?

Some factors stated below really matter when you are going to buy a car battery :

  1. Size of the Battery
  2. Reserve Capacity 
  3. CCA Capacity 
  4. Battery Maintenance 
  5. Getting a Warranty 
  6. Battery Freshness
  7. Value for Money

Considering crucial things related to a car battery can help choose the best one suited for you.

  1. Size of the Battery

Car batteries vary from each other considering width, length, and height. It’s better to check the owner’s manual or discuss it with a car repair shop. The proper size car battery suits well and doesn’t vibrate which may damage its lifespan.

  1. Reserve Capacity 

The reserve capacity of a battery means how much time it can run on its own. A high reserve capacity can restrain your car from going dead. 

It also helps you in some critical situations like alternator failure and leaving lights to turn on accidentally.

  1. CCA Capacity 

CCA refers to Cold Cranking Amps and the energy required for starting your car at a temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit is known as Cranking Amps or CA. 

You should consider the average temperature of your area to decide on the minimum required CCA.

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  1. Battery Maintenance 

Car batteries can be of two types. Some of them require low maintenance and some of them don’t. 

It’s a wise consideration to take a maintenance-free battery as you have to deal with liquid electrolyte changing and distilled water adding issues with a low maintenance battery. These also hamper the lifespan.

  1. Getting a Warranty 

Warranty is a factor that matters a lot. Try to get a battery with a longer warranty and also a free replacement for a period. These will help to get a partial reimbursement when you consider your total cost for a certain time.

  1. Battery Freshness

The freshness of a battery defines how well and how long it’ll work. Always try to get a fresher battery as it’ll provide value in the long run. I’ll suggest you purchase a car battery less than 6 months old.

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  1. Value for Money

Sometimes adding an extra amount of money can save you from further possible suffering. Keep a positive mentality to pay a little bit of extra on your car battery if it runs well without maintenance or replacement in the long run.

Are Cheaper Car Battery Brands any Good?

The battery of your car is something you don’t want to change often. So, it’s a wise decision to spend a little more on your car battery rather than finding a cheaper brand available for you.

Sometimes you may decide to take a cheaper car battery to save a few bucks. There is a high possibility that your decision may bounce back with a costly repair.

The price of car batteries depends on the internal and external components. Indeed, you can’t expect better quality components by spending a low amount. 

Low-quality components in a lead-acid battery can cause acid sweating. It enables chemical reactions and corrodes the battery. 

In this process, the battery can cause further damage to the cables. Moreover, these problems lead to other problems harming your car battery.

A long hassle-free experience is something we all want when the question of car battery comes. It’ll be better if you think about the future and try to spend a little more to go with a good brand.

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What are the Most Reliable Car Battery Brands?

The most reliable car battery brands can be stated as below :

  1. Optima
  2. ACDelco
  3. Odyssey 
  4. DieHard
  5. FirePower

Brands having reliability make car batteries that last long. They are popular for their lengthy smooth services so that you don’t need to worry about repair or replacement.

  1. Optima

Optima was the first one to introduce lead-acid batteries for military and commercial usages with maintenance-free facilities. They are highly resistant to heat and vibration that ensure a longer lifespan. 

They are corrosion-resistant and suitable for all kinds of weather. With other noteworthy features of Optima batteries like pure flow and spiral cell technologies, you can expect it to last up to at least twice compared to the flooded battery.

  1. ACDelco

ACDelco is one of the most popular brands for car batteries owned by General Motors. Batteries from ACDelco pass through several quality tests to ensure a healthy life for a longer time.

They provide consistent performance over a long period without requiring any kind of major maintenance. ACDelco batteries have excellent life and reserve capacity with better cold-cranking amps.

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  1. Odyssey 

Odyssey is a long-established brand for car batteries. The brand is famous for producing highly reliable batteries that can work properly in rough environments. 

Having vibration and maintenance-free facilities, they have a 70 percent longer lifespan than other deep cycle batteries we often see. Odyssey batteries have the potential to work up to 10 years making them different from others.

  1. DieHard

DieHard is a prominent brand for offering long-lasting and quality constructed batteries. Many auto mechanics and car enthusiasts also pick them considering their performance. 

They are constructed to work properly in extreme weather conditions with three times more corrosion resistance ability. You’ll also get a decent amount of warranty period that justifies their reliability.

  1. FirePower

FirePower uses the highest grade materials to produce its batteries. They have been providing satisfactory reliable services for 50 years in their power sports industry. 

FirePower resists the drainage problem ensuring a better life span. They also require lower maintenance with positive customer feedback.

However, some bad practices with your car battery can give you unwanted experiences. Short trips, the presence of corrosion in battery terminals, bad weather conditions, leaving the lights on, etc. can impact the reliability of car batteries. 

Top brands will use premium components in your battery with their quality manufacturing process. This will undoubtedly make your car work properly in the long run.

Where to Buy Reliable Car Batteries?

Finding proper places to buy reliable car batteries can sometimes be a matter of concern. You can consider Amazon, Walmart, Autozone, or Dealerships for getting a reliable battery for your car.

Amazon is famous for delivering products at your door at a reasonable price. But you have to wait until it arrives. 

You won’t manage to test it if you don’t have a battery tester. Also, you have to install it at your own risk. 

Walmart is the best option for buying car batteries at the cheapest price. Moreover, they provide free testing and installation so that you can make your decision whether you need one or not. But they can’t help you to select the best battery for your car. 

Autozone is a top store for selling auto-related parts. They have a large collection of many auto products of various brands.

You may need to pay a little extra, but you won’t regret considering their customer service and quality products. 

Taking your car battery from dealerships can help to choose the best battery for you. They also check other related problems to make sure you need a battery or don’t. 

It’s the most expensive option available and sometimes you need to get an appointment. 

Different options have their pros and cons. Do some research and consider your overall situation to find the best option available for you.