Top 5 Countries that Make the Most Reliable Cars

China manufactured 25.23 million automobiles in 2020. This is greater than the number of cars manufactured in 2020 by the USA, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and India combined. These are also the next five largest car manufacturing countries.

But quantity isn’t synonymous with quality. China might have won the number game but others have preferred reliability over mere figures. Here is the list & summary of the top 5 countries that make the most reliable cars.

PerformanceSafetyMaintenanceDepreciationAffordabilityFinal Score
South Korea998898.6

1. Japan

Japan has rightfully earned the spot of being the most reliable car manufacturer. They have won the appreciation of millions of users from all around the world.

  • Most famous Japanese brands and their best cars

Toyota: Toyota is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world. Their cars are known to perform, even under testing conditions. Their problem ratio is as low as 96 problems per 100 vehicles.

Best cars: Camry and Corolla became household names soon after their production. These cars have bagged ratings, rankings, and besting selling status like no one else.

Honda: The epitome of reliability of Japanese cars can be witnessed in those manufactured by Honda. They’ve taken the quality and reliability of car manufacturing to a whole new level.

Best cars: Civic and Accord are probably the best cars produced under the banner of Honda. They have stood the test of time. Their latest generations are still loved by many.

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  • Maintenance cost of Japanese cars

The average maintenance cost of Japanese cars is below $500. They have an excellent reputation during the first 3 years of operation. You wouldn’t find problems in most Japanese cars, because they are manufactured with a minimum number of parts. So there aren’t many parts that break down.

  • Do Japanese cars depreciate fast?

Japanese cars have very high resale values. They lose only 40% of their values within the first 5 years. After that their depreciation becomes very slow.

  • Are Japanese cars safe?

Yes, the Japanese consider road safety as very important. Multiple surveys have declared Japanese cars to be the safest.

  • Are Japanese cars expensive to buy?

Not at all, the Japanese tend to cater for all classes of the community. The average price for a Japanese car is around $15,000. Which makes them available to the masses.

  • What are common problems with Japanese cars?

The most common issues reported in Japanese cars were:

  1. Rusting and peeling of paint in general
  2. Timing belt and chain issues

Reliability Score: On the reliability meter, Japan scored 9.4 out of 10.

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2. South Korea

South Korea has been the most underrated country when it comes to the production of cars. They’ve produced some of the best-performing cars in the last century.

  • Most Famous Korean brands and their best cars

Hyundai: 41.5% of the automobile market share in South Korea is captured by Hyundai. The company has come a long way by manufacturing some of the best budget cars in the world.

Best cars: Hyundai Sonata and Santa Fe have been ranked as the best Hyundai cars. They mark high levels of quality and affordability.

Kia: Kia is just behind Hyundai with a 34.8% share of the market. Kia has been placed at the 9th spot among the most reliable car brands worldwide.

Best cars: Kia has sure made its mark in the market by producing cars like Forte, Sorento, and Sportage. These cars are known to provide the best value for money.

  • Maintenance cost of Korean cars

Korean cars require the least maintenance. That’s the reason why Korean brands offer warranties as extended as 100,000 miles. They are made in such good quality that they don’t break down very often but if they do Korean cars can be expensive to fix.

  • Do Korean cars depreciate fast?

Korean cars lose up to 55% of their value within the first 5 years. After that their depreciation rates are comparatively lower.

  • Are Korean cars safe?

Yes, Korean cars are extremely safe. They have been placed on the safest cars list for many past years.

  • Are Korean cars expensive to buy?

No, if there is one thing Korean cars offer the best, it is their value for money. The average price of Korean cars is below $22,000. Which makes them a lot easier to buy.

  • What are common problems with Korean cars?

The most common issues reported in Korean cars were:

  1. Transmission won’t shift
  2. Fuel tank leakage due to corrosion from road salt

Reliability Score: On the reliability meter, Korea scored 8.4 out of 10.

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3. USA

The USA had to be on this list for obvious reasons. American cars have taken the form of tradition, getting passed from one generation to another.

  • Most Famous American brands and their best cars

Ford: Ford has been nothing short of spectacular in the American market. It is hard to find a house in the American continent which hasn’t had a Ford car in its ownership. Ford has taken quality and reliability to another level.

Best cars: Mustang, Focus, F-Series trucks, and Taurus have been some of the best-selling Ford cars in the last decades.

Chevrolet: Chevrolet has been a leading car manufacturer in the USA. It is owned by General Motors. Last year General Motors sold 3 million automobiles, 2 million of those were Chevrolet.

Best cars: Bolt, Cruze, and Malibu manufactured by Chevrolet have been ranked among the most reliable cars in the world.

  • Maintenance cost of American cars

The average maintenance cost of American cars is between $800-900. They’re reliable under usual circumstances. But maintaining them can cost you a fortune.

  • Do American cars depreciate fast?

American cars can lose half of their value within the first 5 years. Even after that, the depreciation remains considerable. American cars can hit their rock bottom prices after 10 years of operation.

  • Are American cars safe?

Yes, American cars are generally considered safe for on-road driving. Due to increased competition in the market, companies in the US have restructured their brands around the USP of safety.

  • Are American cars expensive to buy?

Americans are known to manufacture cars for all segments. Their average prices are in the neighborhood of $30,000. However luxury cars made in the USA can cost over $100,000 as well.

  • What are common problems with American cars?

The most common issues reported in American cars were:

  1. Ignition system failure
  2. Oil pan gasket leak

Reliability Score: On the reliability meter, America scored 7.6 out of 10.

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4. Sweden

We had several options for the fourth spot. Swedish cars made way to our list after beating their French, Italian, Spanish, and British counterparts. Sweden was chosen not only due to its reliable cars but also due to the value and efficiency they offer.

  • Most Famous Swedish brands and their best cars

Volvo: Volvo has emerged not only as the largest reliable Swedish brand but also a leading automobile manufacturer worldwide. Their sales volume is an indication of their reliability. They have manufacturing facilities in over 18 countries. With their cars being sold in 190 markets.

Best cars: XC series manufactured by Volvo has become quite popular. Specifically second-generation XC60 model has been the best-selling Volvo car.

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Koenigsegg: They are known for making the best supercars in the world. The main attraction for buyers is the unique and stylish design ranges Koenigsegg has to offer. The company is now shifting its focus towards the production of environmentally friendly cars as well.

Best cars: 2002 Koenigsegg CC8S is considered the best car produced by it. Only 6 of these were made. Others include 2004 CCR & Agera.

Saab Automobile AB: Saab had a worldwide reputation for producing some of the most reliable cars in the early ’90s. But later the company lost its license for production after filing for bankruptcy.

Best cars: When talking about Saab, the first car that comes to mind is the Saab 900. The car was rolled out in the mid-’80s.

  • Maintenance cost of Swedish cars

The average maintenance cost of Swedish cars is between $500-600. They have an excellent reputation during the first 3 years of operation but after that from 3-8 years, users have faced minor issues.

  • Do Swedish cars depreciate fast?

Swedish cars lose half of their value within the first 5 years. After that their depreciation graph follows a straight line trend.

  • Are Swedish cars safe?

Yes, they are ranked very high in terms of safety. Most Swedish cars have been awarded 5-star safety ratings.

  • Are Swedish cars expensive to buy?

Yes, Swedish cars are usually a bit on the expensive side. Their average prices are around $35,000. This makes them slightly less affordable as compared to Japanese or Korean cars.

  • What are common problems with Swedish cars?

The most common issues reported in Swedish cars were:

  1. Engine cooling fans not working
  2. Problems with gear shifting

Reliability Score: On the reliability meter, Sweden scored 7.6 out of 10.

5. Germany

German cars are a great combination of performance, efficiency, comfort, and luxury. They have set the bar quite high for reliability and longevity.

  • Most Famous German brands and their best cars

Volkswagen: Volkswagen has been the most dependable car to come out of Germany. They have a legacy dating back almost a century. With more than 5.7 million units sold globally, the group also owns supercar brands like Bugatti, Audi, and Porsche.

But do Volkswagens hold value? Here’s everything about the depreciation of this brand.

Best cars: Touareg, Eos, and Phaeton are a few of its best cars. However, Golf is still one of the most iconic Volkswagen cars.

Mercedes: They are known for making the classiest cars. Executives all around the world still consider Mercedes cars a symbol of grandeur. It was found back in 1916 and the company hasn’t looked back since.

Best cars: Mercedes Benz E class has been ranked high on the reliability index. It is considered the most dependable luxury car in the world.

  • Maintenance cost of German cars

Maintenance cost is a major reason for the decline in sales of German cars. Budget cars like Volkswagen may cost $700 in maintenance. On the other hand, getting your BMW or Mercedes fixed can be a costly affair.

  • Do German cars depreciate fast?

German cars depreciate fast for a fact. They lose nearly 60% value within the first 5 years of their operation.

  • Are German cars safe?

Yes, German cars have dominated car safety rankings. They use superior technologies than any of their counterparts when it comes to safety.

  • Are German cars expensive to buy?

German cars even with the exception of luxury ones, have a reputation of being costlier. A Japanese or American car of a similar segment will cost way lesser.

  • What are common problems with German cars?

The European cars are built for dust-free climates. Severe problems may arise when they are driven in tropical conditions. But electronic components of German cars have been known to fail time and over.

Reliability Score: On the reliability meter, Germany scored 7.4 out of 10.


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