Porsche Depreciation: 6 Models Compared

A subsidiary of the famous Volkswagen Group, Porsche is a German automobile manufacturing company that mainly produces sports cars, sedans and, SUVs. With more than 300,000 cars sold in 2021, Porsche’s world market share stands at 1.03%. Porsche is one of the most profitable car companies in the world and has an annual revenue of … Read more

Subaru: Which Model Hold the Most Value?

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Cadillac Depreciation: 6 Popular Models

Founded in the early 1900s, Cadillac is the division of General Motors Company that manufactures luxury cars. With the main market in China, the United States, and Canada, Cadillac is sold in more than 34 countries and has a total market share of 0.77% in the world. But does Cadillac hold its value after purchase? … Read more

Does Volkswagen Keep Value? 6 Popular Models Value Loss

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