3 Cheapest Mercedes to Maintain (+ Costs)

When consumers consider buying a reliable, affordable, and fuel-efficient vehicle, they likely think of Toyota or Honda. While these makes provide advantages, most consumers will still spend anywhere from $500-$750 a year for maintenance.  Let’s say that you’ve decided to go with a Mercedes-Benz because it’s reliable, has quality engineering and technology, plus it provides … Read more

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Running Costs (1, 3, 5 Years)

C-class is one of the most exquisite luxury sedans manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. The production of the first generation of C-Class began during the year 1993. It was successful in replacing its predecessor Mercedes-Benz W201. It continued till 2000 until the 2nd was introduced with AWD transmission. After which 3rd and 4th generations were presented in … Read more