3 Reasons Why Audi Q5 are so Cheap

This midsize luxury crossover is an ideal family car with a 6 to 8 speed Tiptronic automatic. I will be walking you through the reasons why Audi Q5 is so cheap. 1. Single Engine Option The Audi Q5 only hаѕ оnе еnginе орtiоn. It iѕ асtuаllу a fаirlу gооd 2.0 litеr inlinе, 4 cylinders turbосhаrgеd … Read more

Are Audi Parts Expensive? (with Exact Costs)

Audi parts wear out just like Mercedes and Lexus’s parts do. Despite the quality engineering and luxury of these cars, something always breaks. Are Audi parts expensive? Keep reading further to determine if Audi parts are more expensive than aftermarket parts?   Are Audi Parts Expensive? Essentially, Audi parts, or their OEM parts, are more expensive … Read more

Are Audis Expensive to Maintain? Here are the Facts

Audis are considered more affordable when compared to BMW or Mercedes. But when compared to Honda, it’s twice as expensive. Then again, unlike Honda, Audi makes some of the best luxury vehicles in the world.  Given that, are Audis expensive to maintain? Here are some facts. Are Audis Expensive to Maintain? If you compare Audi … Read more

Are Audi Cars Good? (Pros and Cons)

Audi is one of the most popular German luxury car brands. But there is a mixed bag of reviews over the internet, when it comes to how good Audi cars are. This article explains all the pros and cons of Audi cars in detail and answers all your queries related to them. Are Audi Cars … Read more