Can a Car Mechanic Come to Your House? Is it Expensive?

Do you find it hard to take time out of your busy schedule to take your car to a mechanic? Or is your car completely immobile, and there is no way other than calling a trailer?

Well, worry no more because there is a solution to your problems. Mobile Auto Repair.

Can a Car Mechanic Come to Your House?

There are car repair shops that offer services, where they can repair your car in your driveway or your parking lot. The mechanic arrives to you in a van with needed tools and is able to inspect your car, replace brake pads, rotors, alternator, and many more.

For a typical car repair job, you will have to take the car to a repair shop, and you would have to arrange transportation for returning. The car might sit there for days and maybe even weeks, and you would not have any way to know if they have started working on your car or what they have done to it.

But for a mobile repair job, there are none of these hassles. The mechanics work right in front of you, which means you will be able to observe the work being done, and the work is finished as soon as possible. You do not even need a full-fledged garage at home. The mechanics can work in your driveway or any flat surface where they can safely do their job.

The mechanics usually do not prefer working on street curbs or non-flat surfaces. The first reason is obviously for their safety, the other reason is that they should be able to maneuver around and under the car if need be. The mechanics usually arrive in a van or truck with all the tools and equipment they might need to diagnose and fix the problem. If you can provide the space to work, then you should be good to go.

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How to get a Mechanic to Come to Your House?

To get a mechanic to come to your house, search in Google for the best mechanic in your area, call him, describe the problem, provide the information about your car and place an appointment.

Repair services are abundant if you search online. A quick google search like “mobile auto repair near me” should get you most of the mechanics in the area. Compare the ratings and prices if available.

Then place an appointment and select a date and time which works best for you. The mechanic might call you to get a better understanding of a situation. If the mechanic asks, describe the work that you require them to do. Also, provide the exact make, model, and year of the vehicle. It will help them to acquire the necessary parts before the visit, which will save you some time.

If the car has some issues such as oil leaks, strange noises, or vibrations, describe the problem with as many details as you can gather. It will help the mechanic to pinpoint the problem before even seeing the vehicle. It is especially necessary if the repair shop provides price quotes beforehand.

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In which Situations can a Car Mechanic Come to Your House?

A dry and solid flat surface to work is the only requirement that you have to fulfill. But depending on the weather, you might not be able to provide it. If you have access to a garage or can provide a temporary shelter for the car and mechanic, it should not be a problem.

Otherwise, you should reschedule to another suitable time. If you live in an apartment or plan to repair your car in your office parking lot, consider checking with your landlord or whoever is concerned before making the appointment. The repair jobs can sometimes leave oil stains, and the mechanic and the tools may cause hindrance to others using the parking lot. Some people might object to this, and in that case, you have no option but to take your car to a mechanic.

Also, remember that mechanics need to have easy access to their vehicles to get the tools and equipment. It can be a problem in parking lots with limited space. So park your car in an accessible area where the mechanics have easy access from their vehicles.

Can a Mechanic Fix Your Car in Your House?

The mechanics should be able to perform most of the repairs from a mobile workshop. The mobile mechanic should do preventative measures or regular maintenance such as oil changes, air filter replacements, tire changes, rotations, brake pads, rotors, or battery replacement.

Most mechanics have a list of repairs that they can carry out. If the service you want is in that, then all is good to go. Otherwise, call the mechanic and explain your problem. In most cases, they should be able to fix them at your home. Here are some of the most common repairs that can be performed anywhere.

  • Car Inspections

You hear some strange noise from your car, or maybe the steering does not feel right. You want to get your car inspected to diagnose what is wrong, but you can not drive a potentially dangerous car to the repair shop.

The mechanics have a complete set of diagnostic scanners and years of expertise to figure out what is wrong with your car. They usually test drive the car and test the various components of the vehicle. It will help them to identify the root problems. Within an hour, you should get a professional and accurate assessment of the problems in your car.

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  • Scheduled maintenance

Your car needs scheduled maintenance as a part of preventative measures to ensure that all the components are in healthy condition, and work smoothly. It includes oil changes, coolants, brake fluids, spark plugs, oil filters, air filters, cabin filters, and a plethora of other components.

It usually includes inspecting every component, making sure that all of them function within the tight tolerances. And depending on the condition, it can take anywhere between 1-5 hours. A mobile mechanic can save you hours, and you can ask them questions if you have any doubts.

  • Tire change and Rotations

The tires have to be rotated to different positions periodically. It helps to equally spread the wear and tear, which means the tires will last longer. You can do this on your own, but it can take a few hours. But with the tools that mechanics have access to, it can be done within minutes. They can also replace the tires if they have worn out or swap for winter tires. It can take you hours and lots of elbow grease, but for the mechanics, each tire can take 15-20 minutes.

  • Brake pads and rotors replacement

You feel that the breaking has faded, and you can hear screeches from the brakes. But you do not know whether to replace the pads or the rotors. The mechanic can accurately assess the condition of both and replace the ones that require it. They will have all the correct tools to get the job done within a few hours.

  • Alternator or Battery Replacement

Your car was working fine but, when you try to start it now, it does not crank. It usually means that the battery or the alternator needs replacement. If this happens in an office morning, you might get stranded without a way to travel. But if you call a mechanic, they can change the parts within minutes, and you can be on your way in no time.

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Can a Mechanic Take Your Car to his Garage?

The mechanic might take your car to their garage if the situation calls for it. They can only carry around only a limited amount of tools and equipment in their van or truck. As a result, there might be a few problems they cannot fix while away from the garage.

Or sometimes, they might notice a part that requires replacement and may not have that in hand. In such situations, the mechanic will have no option other than to take the car to their garage.

Another situation is when the mechanic cannot deduce the solution to a problem, they might have to take it into the garage. It is also one of the advantages of taking to a physical repair shop. Several mechanics are working there, and all of them can take a look at the problem and provide their input based on their previous experiences, which can ultimately solve the problem.

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Is Mobile Mechanics More Expensive? Do You Have to Cover his Travel Costs?

It depends on the type of mechanic you contact. There are two types of mobile repair shops. The first is when the mechanic has a garage, where they can work if need be. The second type is when the repair shop functions exclusively out of vans and trucks.

For the first kind of mechanics, coming to your home to repair your car is an extra service they are providing. So they might charge you extra for that service to cover the travel cost. Taking the car to them will be cheaper.

On the other hand, the mechanics that exclusively work out of vehicles usually charge much lesser than a typical physical garage. It is because the mechanics do not have to pay upfront for the building. Which means the repair cost will also be cheaper.